Pick Up Services

If you have a large volume of recyclables that you cannot transport, contact us to discuss services that best fits your needs. A customer service representative will visit you to assess your unique situation.

Regardless of your scrap removal project, Mervis Recycling has options for you. A container can be placed at your site for one-time scrap removal; or, if you have an ongoing need for scrap removal, a container can be emptied and returned to your facility on a regular basis.

We have many options that are suitable for large-volume projects, including roll-off boxes, self-dumping hoppers, and trailers. Simply load the container; Mervis Recycling will pick up your recyclables when you are ready.

With our selection of trucks, trailers, containers, and other customized equipment, Mervis Recycling’s sophisticated transportation dispatch system will service you promptly. Our experienced drivers are trained in the safe transportation of recyclable material.

For large-volume commercial accounts, please contact us.