Protect Yourself and Protect the Environment

Now Mervis accepts household electronics for recycling at three convenient locations in Central Illinois. We offer this valuable service to the community at no charge.

To find out which materials to drop off at any of our recycling locations, please visit:

Recycling your electronics diverts harmful chemicals from landfills, which keeps our environment cleaner, and allows many materials to be reused, which conserves resources including energy. Our eco-friendly approach means recycled materials can be used to manufacture a wide range of new products.

Community electronics recycling events are usually very well attended, but can be inconvenient because they only occur occasionally. People can accumulate a closet full of devices waiting for the right day when they can get to an electronics recycling event near where they live.

We don't just recycle - we recycle the right way! We meet the highest industry standards to insure responsible recycling of electronic scrap materials.

Electronics can be recycled Monday through Friday at all three locations and Saturday morning at Advantage Recycling in Danville.

Recycling Locations & Hours

Advantage Recycling
14 S. Henning Rd
M - F 8AM - 4PM
Sat 8AM - Noon
General Steel & Metals
612 N. Logan St.
M - F 8AM - 4PM
Advantage Recycling
302 S. Market St.
M - F 8AM - 4PM

Items We Accept

  • Computers, Servers and Network Devices
  • Monitors (LCD or Flat Screen only) we do not accept CRT Monitors
  • Printers (Inkjet, Laser and All-in-One)
  • TVs (Flat Screen and Projection only) we do not accept CRT TVs
  • VCRs & DVD Players
  • Stereos
  • Copiers
  • Cell Phones and Smart Phones
* We DO NOT accept speakers or microwave ovens.

We plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the electronics recycling service at the end of 2010. Please email Tom Falender your feedback about the service.

News-Gazette article: "Company launches free recycling of household electronics", August 17, 2010