Mervis Recycling, Decatur, IL
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Non Ferrous Supervisor/Manager in Training – Decatur


The employee in this position will work with existing management and executive team to learn to oversee non-ferrous operations. Learn to provide guidance to warehouse employees and review the process of grading scrap from both peddlers and industrial accounts. The employee will learn various staff functions within the Mervis structure, including operations, management viewpoints and company policies and practices affecting each phase of a scrap recycling business, including both production and marketing. The employee will work closely with the Chief Operating Officer, Non-Ferrous Operations Directors, Account Managers and Yard Managers for Mervis Industries, Inc.



  1. · Learns to review and approve adequate plans for the processing/shipment of material as well as the preparation of capital and operational budgets under the direction of management.
  2. · Learn to review labor efficiency, engineering effectiveness and customer service to spot trends, gaps and issues to develop problem-solving skills.
  3. · Observe experienced staff to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures, and standards required for performance of departmental duties.
  4. · Training in functions and operations of related departments to facilitate subsequent transferability between departments.
  5. · Provide support as needed in the various departments, including ferrous, non-ferrous, maintenance, operations, transportation and administrative.
  6. · Learn various staff functions within the Mervis structure, including operations, management viewpoints and company policies and practices affecting each phase of a scrap recycling business, including both production and marketing.
  7. · Learn to review Mervis Industries, performance indicators against operating plans and standards. Provides reports to subordinates at the direction of management on the interpretation of results and learns to how to approve changes in direction of plans.
  8. · Train to recommend objectives in each area of operations and to develop both short-term and long-term plans and programs, together with supporting budget requests and financial estimates.
  9. · Learns to coordinate and collaborate with corporate department heads in establishing and carrying out responsibilities related to management tasks.
  10. · Works with established managers on decision-making and processes related to hiring and maintaining qualified personnel in all positions reporting directly to managers.
  11. · Work with Human Resources department on learning to recommend compensation for employees.
  12. · Work as a liaison between manager and employees to keep employees informed as to Company/Department plans and progress.
  13. · Learn to provide orientation and on-the-job training for subordinates and ensure that the authority and responsibility for each position are defined and understood.
  14. · Ensures that duties, responsibilities, authority, and accountability of all direct subordinates are defined and understood under the direction of management.



  1. · The ability to work together with other employees as a team
  2. · Good communication and supervision skills
  3. · Drug free
  4. · Unblemished work and attendance record
  5. · The ability and willingness to learn new skills



  1. · Extensive experience in the scrap industry is essential
  2. · 1-3 years of supervisory experienced preferred



  1. · The person in this position needs to occasionally move about inside the office to access file cabinets, office machinery, etc.
  2. · The person occasionally needs to assist employees in the yards/warehouse to accomplish tasks related to moving heavy material with heavy machinery.
  3. · Constantly operates a computer, and other office productivity machinery, such as a calculator, copy machine, and computer printer.
  4. · Must be able to communicate verbally with customers, employees, and supervisors, both on the phone and in person
  5. · Must be able to occasionally climb and balance well enough to climb ladders.
  6. · Must be able to bend, stoop, twist and turn occasionally.



  1. · The team member will be required to occasionally reach, lift, stack and maneuver objects of varying dimensions and occasionally lift weights up to 50lbs
  2. · Frequent holding and grasping with the hands when loading and unloading equipment and tying and chaining down equipment



While performing the essential functions of this job, the team member may be regularly exposed to bright lights, extreme temperatures, loud noise, dust, gas and/or fumes.

Applicants will be required to pass a physical job requirements test prior to hire.

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