Mervis Recycling, Urbana, IL
Posted 4 weeks ago
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Operator/Material Handler – Urbana



Using a mobile crane, the employee in this position will load and unload trucks as well as handling material for processing. The employee will need to have the agility to climb on and off the crane as well as move freely about the yard. This position reports directly to the yard foreman or manager and will work closely with the heavy equipment operators in feeding their processing equipment.



  1. Operate the machine’s controls in order to perform the designated task within the machine’s capabilities
  2. Recognize the machine’s limitations in order to work safely in a large variety of job situations
  3. Recognize operational control problems and report them to the supervisor so they can be adjusted or repaired
  4. Assist the mechanics in the repair and routine maintenance of the machines



  1. Unblemished work and attendance record
  2. Ability to work safely/ alone in highly congested areas
  3. The strength and dexterity to lift and move up to 50 pounds manually in the maintenance of equipment
  4. The agility and flexibility to climb on the various machine areas to grease and clean the various machine components
  5. The ability and willingness to follow directions and work with other employees as a team



  1. An extensive knowledge of safety requirements of working around heavy equipment
  2. The ability and willingness to learn new skills
  3. The ability to coordinate eye, hand, and foot movements
  4. Previous Heavy equipment experience especially Excavators (backhoes)



  1. Any recognized heavy equipment school certificate
  2. Any recognized job experience
  3. On-the-job training program conducted by an experienced and competent operator/employee
  4. Demonstrated ability to operate any specific piece of equipment mentioned in the job summary


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