Torch Cutters – Cannon

Mervis Recycling, Danville, IL
Posted 1 month ago
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Torch Cutters – Cannon


SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: The employee in this position will cut scrap metal into prescribed sizes for further processing or direct shipment to customers. This job will require the torcher to have the agility to move about the yard and among the large pieces of metal. In addition, the employee will need the stamina to stand in the yard and work with the torch for approximately 7.5 hours each day.

1. Use a torch to cut specified lengths of metal
2. Recognize different types of materials as they are processed (will train)
3. Recognize operational problems and report them to the supervisor
4. Assist in the maintenance of the equipment used in the performance of the job

1. Unblemished work and attendance record
2. The agility to climb in and around all shapes and sizes of metal for torching
3. The endurance to stand in the yard for approximately 7.5 hours each day
4. The strength and flexibility to lift and move up to 50 pounds manually
5. The ability and willingness to follow directions

1. A working knowledge of the torch and how to use it effectively
2. Must be alert at all times
3. The ability to visually estimate lengths
4. The ability to recognize potential hazards
5. An extensive knowledge of the safety requirements of the job

1. Previous torch experience is desired
2. 1 month safety training in torch operations
3. HS diploma or equivalent
4. Basic math skills
5. Forklift experience preferred but will train

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