Mervis Plastics

Welcome to the online home of Mervis Plastics – experts and solutions for your most challenging plastic recycling materials. This page was developed to give you an overview of who we are, our services and our approach to plastics recycling.

Mervis Plastics BUYS, SELLS and PROCESS ALL materials, including HDPE #2, Nylon and Mixed Grades.

Established in 1928, Mervis has evolved into one of the nation’s leading providers of end–to-end plastic and metal recycling solutions for all your supply and recycling needs.

Our services are executed against our commitment to world-class quality standards — providing recycling services across North America.

Our management team of Adam and Michael Mervis, boasts over 60 years’ industry experience and leadership and use their knowledge to create a range of custom recycling services and solutions for customers from every sector.

A unique combination of ‘Right-Time’ scrap management programs and proprietary, specialized equipment works to collect and deliver full or mixed loads and diverts plastics from landfill to end-users across the US, Canada and Mexico.

Locations in Danville and Indianapolis, Mervis Plastics provide expert assistance to achieve your plastic processing goals. On-site labs work to ensure materials produced meet your specifications and custom solutions. For example mobile grinding equipment can be engineered to conform to your plastic recycling and/or proprietary destruction requirements.

Our investments and training functions expand our capacity and ensure we deliver optimum efficiency, productivity, reliability and recognized certifications.

All Polyolefins

  • HDPE #2
  • Skids-Trays-Crates-Totes-Buckets-Film
  • Pipe-Sheet-Trays
  • MDPE
  • Pipe-Film
  • LDPE #4
  • Film-Bags
  • Film-Bags-Totes
  • PP #5
  • Skids-Totes
  • TPO
  • Bumpers
  • TPE
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners

All Engineered Grades

  • Nylon
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • ABS
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • Polystyrene #6
  • Ag Pots-Trays-Parts-Sheet-Tags-Purge
  • PC
  • Parts -Sheets -Purge
  • PC/ABS
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • Acetal
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • Acrylic
  • Parts -Sheets -Purge
  • Toll & Return All Grades
  • Recycle and make money with our Toll & Return Program


  • Mixed Grades
  • Mixed Purge
  • Assemblies-Overmolds
  • Mixed Regrind
  • Mixed Rolls
  • Mixed Film
  • Mixed Parts
  • Banding
  • PET #1
  • PVC #3
  • Post Consumer Bales