Buying from Mervis

Materials that exceed expectation

When buying from Mervis, one can be confident that the materials will not only meet specifications, but will be delivered as scheduled. Mervis takes pride in producing quality products of uniform specifications to meet the requirements of our local, national, and international customers.

Mervis takes great pride in knowing that all of our locations are attaining the highest standards of quality. Our larger processing and feeder yards are currently ISO 9001 Certified and certification for the remaining feeder yards is forthcoming.

Our services are executed against our commitment to world-class quality standards — providing recycling services across North America.

A unique combination of ‘Right-Time’ scrap management programs and proprietary, specialized equipment works to collect and deliver full or mixed loads and diverts plastics from landfill to end-users.

For the last 90 years, Mervis has built a reputation of on-time delivery of quality materials.

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Need Custom Grades? Mervis can create any type of custom grade to suit your needs.

QUALITY POLICY: Click to Read the MERVIS Quality Policy

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Mervis is SGS certified, registered and verified to process and distribute scrap plastics to ISO 9001:2008 standard by SGS Systems & Services, an ANAB- accredited independent registrar.

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