Our Facilities

The almost 400 dedicated employees of Mervis Industries serve clients and industry throughout North America and into the Pacific Rim. Our strong financial footing allows us to strategically develop state-of-the-art facilities in new locations in response to what our customers tell us they need. We take pride in our clean, easy to navigate facilities.

Based on the strength of our many facilities and the expert employees who operate them, Mervis stands ready as a truly full-service provider for iron, metal, plastics, fiber, and other recyclable products. Our commitment to the world we all inhabit means you can rest assured that Mervis is doing the utmost to support your environmental integrity while meeting your recycling needs.

Every facility provides

  • Reclaiming of fluids
  • Clutter-free, asphalted drop-off areas
  • Oil and water separation processes
  • Video cameras to uphold state laws and discourage theft

Mervis Recycling. Worth its weight.

For a detailed list of locations or a location nearest you, click here.