Vehicle Recycling

Do you have an old or unwanted vehicle? Mervis Recycling pays top dollar for end-of-life vehicles. Our environmentally responsible Vehicle Recycling Program accepts vehicles in any condition. Simply bring your vehicle to one of our facilities.

Vehicles can only be purchased with an appropriate title, and the title holder must be present at the time of the transaction.

How are vehicles recycled?

You do not need to drain any fluids or otherwise prepare your vehicle for recycling. Mervis Recycling will take care of the vehicle in an environmentally responsible manner.

Fluids are recovered in an environmentally responsible manner. The Enviro Racks used by Mervis Recycling exceed EPA and state regulations concerning safe fluid recovery. Fluids will be recycled or reused. Recovered fluids include antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine oil, gasoline, and refrigerants.

Mercury switches that may be present in older cars are recovered in accordance with the ELVS National Mercury Switch Recovery Program. The End of Life Vehicle Solutions Corporation (ELVS) is committed to reducing the amount of mercury entering the environment by removing mercury switches when the vehicle is recycled.