Illini Castings

Company Address:
1940 E. Fairchild Street, Danville, IL 61832

Company Description:
Illini Castings, an Affiliate of Mervis Industries-is an expert in refurbishing railroad castings, with over 75 years of experience.We recondition material and certify that refurbished parts meet stringent quality assurance requirements. Most of our refurbished railroad parts come from retired railcars or privately-owned railcars. The reconditioning process takes place in work booths by a trained and certified welder using approved welding procedures and gages to guarantee uniformity of all manufactured products. By using a state-of-the-art BeaverMatic Furnace, Illini Castings provides a unique heat treating facility for couplers and yokes that is not readily available elsewhere. The heat treatment process also includes a Quench Tank that cools the couplers for the tempering process that brings the coupler to an “E Grade” of hardness required by the American Association of Railroads. The products are then inspected using all appropriate gages to verify they meet AAR standards. After
completing this process, the material is banded for packaged for shipment.

  • Mervis Recycling is a full-service provider for iron, metal, plastic, fiber and all other recyclable products. Mervis Plastics provides custom grinding, colorizing and pelletizing.

Access to hard-to-find parts (especially side frames and bolsters).Cost savings for utilizing refurbished parts. Assurance that products are of the highest quality. Finished products include Couplers, Yokes, Side frames and bolsters, Small parts for couplers and Airbrake parts.

Certifications Include:
American Association of Railroads M-212for couplers
American Association of Railroads M-214for side frames and bolsters
Railroad’s Quality Assurance M-1003

Positions Regularly Available:

Welders, QualityInspectors, Quality Control, Supervisors

Entry-Level Credentials:
Minimum: High-school diploma or GED with experience in welding and/or fabrication
Preferred: Associate DegreeinWeldingor in an EngineeringdisciplineorTrade

Entry-level salary Range (Annually):

Company Human Resources Contact:
Mr. Matt Grandone
Human Resources Director