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If you’re looking to purchase recycled plastic materials, Mervis Plastics has the inventory and expertise to meet your needs. As we sort, recycle, grind and pelletize plastics of all types on an industrial scale, we’re more able to meet client needs and provide the exact product necessary.

We cover everything needed to equip your personnel in properly handling your recyclables. Whether selling a container of industrial plastic or commercial plastic resins, Mervis offers you the most competitive pricing. Our processing system is ISO certified, and ensures plastic that meets industrial standards.

Customized Processing to Meet Your Order

Our state-of-the-art processing equipment and expert operational staff allows Mervis to efficiently process plastic scrap, allowing you to secure the maximum value in your purchase.

Efficient Transportation

We offer a full range of equipment to keep your transportation expenses and risk to the environment low. Our fleet includes custom-designed boxes and trailers to meet your specifications, for a customized shipping experience to accommodate your order.

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