What We Do

Mervis – What Do We Do?

With over 90 years in the scrap recycling business, Mervis has evolved to much more than a scrap recycling center. But what all do we do?


We offer a full range of equipment to keep your transportation expenses and risk to the environment low. Our fleet includes custom-designed boxes and trailers to meet your specifications.

Recycling Audits, & Scrap Management

Our customized audits provide the opportunity to upgrade recycling materials, develop landfill diversion into recycling programs, and perform materials-flow analysis to help maximize your recyclable products.

Recycling Services

Our greatest success stories have grown out of the engagements with our large industrial partners and their one-of-a-kind needs. Our team scopes out a complex situation and responds with customized recycling programs for plastics, metals, electronics, fiber, and used machinery and equipment. In meeting the specific requests of our industrial partners, we have often built new facilities, expanded into new regions, and innovated new processes.

Scrap Brokerage

Mervis is a direct supplier to customers in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our relationships enable us expose our suppliers to the best markets around the world. Financial flexibility, and innovative logistical services allow us to provide a wide range of brokerage services. If you’re looking for a reliable trade partner who can help you take your scrap to the next level, give the experienced professionals at Mervis a call.

Customized Processing

Our state-of-the-art processing equipment and expert operational staff allows Mervis to efficiently process your ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic scrap, and by-products and secure the maximum value for your scrap.


We can start with your material, process it and return to you for reuse. Our tolling processes are available for ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials.

Railcar Dismantling

The majority of our remanufactured railroad parts come from retired railcars or privately-owned railcars. Our trained and certified welders use approved welding procedures and gages to guarantee quality and uniformity of our products. Our state-of-the-art BeaverMatic Furnace provides a unique heat treating environment for couplers and yolks. The heat treatment process also includes a Quench Tank that cools the couplers for the tempering process that brings the coupler to an “E Grade” of hardness required by the American Association of Railroads.