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From multiple facilities across the Midwest, Mervis Plastics is able to purchase a huge array of plastic materials at fair rates. Our customized processes allow us to sort, recycle, grind and pelletize plastics, and our efficiency allows us to pass on quality rates to you.

Whether selling a container of industrial plastic or commercial plastic resins, we have the complete scrap management programs to provide the right pricing. We use a sophisticated supply and processing system, with in-plant hoppers, rolloffs, semi-trailers, and dump trailers to collect and remove your material. Our fleet of trucks can ensure rapid service to your facility, without having to worry about inconvenience.

Customers bringing material to our modern and organized collection centers and processing yards can expect the same professional service provided to our industrial accounts. Our receiving staff is efficient, precise and eager to make your visit a positive one. Check our scrap app to reference pricing on your materials.

No matter the quantity of plastic you bring to our facilities, we’re here to ensure that it’s easy and profitable to be environmentally responsible.

Plastics We Accept

Engineered grades of plastic

  • Nylon
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • ABS
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • Polystyrene #6
  • Ag Pots-Trays-Parts-Sheet-Tags-Purge
  • PC
  • Parts -Sheets -Purge
  • PC/ABS
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • Acetal
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners
  • Acrylic
  • Parts -Sheets -Purge


  • HDPE #2
  • Skids-Trays-Crates-Totes-Buckets-Film
  • Pipe-Sheet-Trays
  • MDPE
  • Pipe-Film
  • LDPE #4
  • Film-Bags
  • Film-Bags-Totes
  • PP #5
  • Skids-Totes
  • TPO
  • Bumpers
  • TPE
  • Parts-Purge-Sprues-Runners

Other Plastics

  • Mixed Grades
  • Mixed Purge
  • Assemblies-Overmolds
  • Mixed Regrind
  • Mixed Rolls
  • Mixed Film
  • Mixed Parts
  • Banding
  • PET #1
  • PVC #3
  • Post Consumer Bales

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