Reconditioning and Certifications


IMG_8917_1The majority of our remanufactured railroad parts come from retired railcars or privately-owned railcars. Our trained and certified welders use approved welding procedures and gauges to guarantee quality and uniformity of our products.

Our state-of-the-art BeaverMatic Furnace provides a unique heat treating environment for couplers and yolks. The heat treatment process also includes a Quench Tank that cools the couplers for the tempering process that brings the coupler to an “E Grade” of hardness required by the American Association of Railroads.

The products are then inspected using all appropriate gauges to verify compliance with AAR standards.


The American Association of Railroads is committed to keeping America’s railways safe and efficient.

Illini Castings is proud to showcase our AAR certifications:

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