Mervis Launches New Web Presence

After decades of being a trusted partner to companies and recyclers throughout the Midwest and beyond, the team at Mervis is excited to move forward into the future with the launch of our new and updated web presence. As we continue along a path of growth, it was important to invest in a new website to more effectively communicate our offerings, share information with recyclers and provide details to those interested in joining the team here at Mervis.

We’ve highlighted the wonderful team here, and showcased our focus on culture with an expanded section detailing the culture and benefits of working with Mervis. Now, it’s easier than ever before for people to learn more about a potential career here and reach out with any questions they may have. Each Mervis location is different, and with a convenient and easy to use map tool on our homepage, visitors will be able to see which location is nearest to them and see individualized information about each.

Continuing our dedication to serving our communities, we’ve expanded the information we offer to individuals interested in recycling. Multiple sections of our website have been expanded to more thoroughly cover each type of recyclable material that we offer, and provide more thorough knowledge so that any visitor can know exactly what types of materials we accept and how they should go about depositing those materials. For potential customers, we answer questions on how the process of buying from us works. Current clients can log in and conduct business through a convenient portal.

Underneath all of these new features, our dedication to honest practices remains the same. With this new web presence, we’re excited to keep moving forward as one of the leading recyclers in the Midwest and see what the future brings.