Response to COVID-19

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, we at Mervis have continued to monitor the situation
and are aware of our responsibility to our employees, customers, and partners to do all that we can to reduce
our risk of spreading this virus. We are currently taking steps that are strictly pro-active and precautionary as
we have no indication at this point that any Mervis employees have become exposed to or have been at risk
of contracting this virus.

For the past three weeks, we have been implementing additional safety measures within all of our facilities
and with our employees so that we can continue to balance the needs of servicing our customers without
interruption with ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees and their families. Some of
these measures include, but are not limited to, practicing social distancing, a complete ban on business travel,
virtual elimination of in-person meetings in favor of digital, increased sanitization of facilities and
employees, limited access to the public within our corporate office and additional safety gloves and
sanitizers for our scale personnel who may be required to interact with the customers. We have also
implemented a work from home program for at-risk employees who can perform their duties remotely.
As of now, we do not anticipate any interruption in service to either our corporate or retail customers but we
will continue to monitor the situation and update our partners accordingly. We will do everything within our
power in these uncertain times to continue to provide a high-level of service while protecting our partners,
customers and employees.

Anyone with questions or concerns should feel free to reach out to us at our corporate headquarters at